N Tags

“N” tags can be integrated with almost all types of outdoor and indoor media…

Smart posters can be designed into any media or nfc technology related advertising scenario—posters, signs or magazine pages—that possess embedded data readable NFC “N” tags. Once consumers swipe NFC-enabled devices near an “N” tag on posters/media, they can gain access to transportation schedules, discount coupons, movie clips or links to e-commerce sites. They can even share these N tags socially or trade them through auctions and trading.

The “N” tag is the symbol that will identify all NFC enabled smart posters where you can read and maybe write anywhere you are.

"N" Tag that symbolizes NFC enabled tags

The “N-Mark” logo is a registered trademark of NFC Forum, Inc.

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Maintaining N Tags

This symbol is and will be the next internationally known symbol throughout the whole world…

When you observe the “N” tag then most likely there is information available for you to download and interact with.

Smart posters are embedded with “N” tags which are both readable and writable, the NFC technology smart posters need to be both maintained and serviced.

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