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Our range of finance essay examples and dissertations cover many popular topics including Elements of Accounting and Finance, Economics, Probability and Statistics, Elementary Statistical Theory, Managerial Accounting, Principles of Finance, Microeconomic Principles, Macroeconomic Principles, Financial Accounting, Analysis and Valuation, Management Accounting, Financial Management and Organizational Control, Auditing, Governance and Risk Management, Corporate Finance, Investments and Financial Markets, Quantitative Finance and more.

Finance is the study of of how companies and investors make financial decisions, how they manage risk and how stock markets operate. Economics and statistics are also covered as they are fundamental to understanding finance. This is one of our largest essay categories reflecting the popularity of finance courses. In this section you will come across essays, reports and dissertations, that cover almost all of the core degree finance modules such as mathematical techniques, microeconomics, banking systems, investment banking and risk management. Other examples of work covering modules such as taxation, audit, business strategy, tax law and more can be found.

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