Data Protection Policy and Privacy Notice

NB: This site no longer offers academic writing or assistance services. The sections of this policy that refer to those services no longer apply. If you require any more information or have any questions about our Data Protection Policy and Privacy Notice, please feel free to us by email at .

Data controller: Student Academic Services Limited trading as Smartposter

Smartposter is committed to being transparent about how it collects and uses that data and to meeting its data protection obligations.

Website users

When you use our website, s will be set on your machine unless you disable them. A is a small file, typically of letters and numbers, downloaded on to a device when the user accesses certain websites. Cookies are then sent back to originating website on each subsequent visit. Cookies are useful because they allow a website to recognise a user’s device.

Our website uses:

Session s for users that create an account – these allow us to link the actions of a user during a browser session. They allow us to identify you when you want to log into your account, in order to protect your private data.

Third party s – these are largely anonymous, except for your IP. They give us information such as the number of users that have visited the website, how long users spent on each page, and which pages are not visited. This allows us to make decisions about developing the website to make it a better resource for visitors.

Enquiries and customers

The data that we collect

When you us, we may collect:

We will never ask for your bank details unless we agree to refund you and your method of payment was directly into our bank account.

How we collect the data

We collect your data:

If you us via social media, we may respond with general information about our company. We will not discuss specific orders through social media as we consider this to be a security risk. If you send us a private message through a social media account, this message will be stored by the Social Media site that you have used.

How we store your data

We store your data:

We store your information for the purpose of making you aware of our services which may be of interest to you, unless or until you ask us not to.

Your IP address may remain in our Analytics account as part of our technical data that allows us to monitor website performance over time. It is not stored with any other personal data that could identify you as an individual.

We store all other personal data only for as long as is necessary to comply with our legal and contractual obligations.

How we share your data

We share your order details together with any order attachments with our team of researchers but we do not share any personal information with researchers.

We make every effort to anonymise any attachments that you send us. However, sometimes this can be difficult to achieve. We therefore ask that you remove any personal data from attachments before sending them to us, to ensure that this is not accidentally passed on to your researcher.

Your anonymised data may be transferred outside the European Economic Area (EEA) in order to pass it to a researcher completing your order (for example, if the researcher is located in the USA or Australia). This will always be via Google's secure email system (Gsuite) or, for larger files, through Dropbox - a cloud storage system that allows us to share large files with researchers who have a dropbox account.

We will otherwise not share your data with any third party unless required to do so by law.

Lawful basis for processing

We process the data on the basis that:


If you express an interest in writing for us

If you express an interest in writing for us, we collect:

This is collected through our website form here :

We will use this to inform you if we have any vacancies for writers in the future. If a vacancy arises, we will send an email to all writers who have added their name and email address through the form. We may send multiple emails after you add your details, unless and until you opt out. Email with your request.

If you are informed of a vacancy and express an interest in applying

If you are informed of a vacancy and you express an interest in applying, we will ask you for:

This is to verify who you are, to comply with our legal and tax obligations and to assess whether you are suitable for a researcher role. These documents are stored:

Once you have provided us with these documents and we are satisfied, we will add you to a spreadsheet hosted securely through Googledocs, which records your details, qualifications and subjects. This allows us to identify you as someone that may be able to complete orders for us.

If we have work that we believe you could complete

As one of our researchers, we will send you details of orders that are available.

All emails relating to orders that you have been invited to quote for and orders that you have been assigned will be stored on our secure email system hosted by Google (Gsuite).

If you complete work for us

On completion of an order, we will ask you for payment information which may be:

We need this information to pay you for your work. We will not share this information with anybody else.

We store these:

When we need to pay you

So that we can pay you the correct amount, we will generate an invoice twice a month.

This will contain details of the work you have completed for us, together with your personal details that you have provided us with. We will email this to you just before the payment dates for the month and ask you to return it if it is correct. We store this invoices:

We are required to keep these invoices for a minimum period of six years by law.

How long we store your data for

Your IP address may remain in our Analytics account as part of our technical data that allows us to monitor website performance over time. It is not stored with any other personal data that could identify you as an individual.

We will retain your remaining personal data for the duration of your contractual relationship with us in order to meet our legal and tax obligations. We may retain your data after you cease to have a contractual relationship with us, but we will not do so for longer than is required by law to meet our legal and tax obligations.

How we share your data

We may share the contents of your email messages to us with your customers where appropriate. These will be anonymised.

We may share your researcher ID or initials with your customers. We will not share your name with customers. Although we operate as an agency, we believe that the sharing of customers' and researchers' names is not required on the basis that both customer and researcher agree to their names being kept confidential.

We will not disclose your data to anyone else unless required to do so by law, which may include disclosing copies of your invoices to lawful tax authorities during an audit.

Lawful basis for processing

We process data about you on the basis of:

How does Smartposter protect data?

Smartposter takes the security of your data seriously. It has internal policies and controls in place to ensure that your data is not lost, accidentally destroyed, misused or disclosed, and is not accessed except by our employees in the proper performance of their duties.

Your rights

As a data subject, you have a number of rights. You can:

If you would like to exercise any of these rights, please [at] smartposter.infom.

If you believe that Smartposter has not complied with your data protection rights, you can complain to the Information Commissioner.

What if you do not provide personal data?

You are under no statutory or contractual obligation to provide data to Smartposter during the recruitment process. However, if you do not provide the information, Smartposter may not be able to process your application properly or at all.

Automated decision-making

Recruitment processes are not based solely on automated decision-making.

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